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Ring Doorbells - Update

A quick update about the "Safer Streets Funding" that was given to Lockner a couple of years ago. There were a few things promised; CCTV and Ring Doorbells for every property being the main ones.

We have had a reply from the council finally to advise that teh CCTV we can all see on Lockner is operational, and that the Ring doorbells should be with us for March this year. The email is pasted below, FYI.

Dear Lockner TRA,

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your enquiries. I can confirm that all of the CCTV cameras have been installed, capturing imagery and is fully operational. I can arrange for residents to view the CC

TV system if required. I can also confirm that the lighting was installed by Street Scene and the Police bicycle initiatives completed.

The ring doorbells will be issued to residents in March 2023. However, I am still awaiting guidance from the IOC ( information commissioner's office ) and to agree on the process and terms for issuing the doorbells to residents. With regret , the security measures to individual residents' properties remain outstanding because we are still in the process of procuring a suitable reputable company to carry out the works.

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