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Reporting Low Level Crime

We hope you're all well in Lockdown 3.0 and not too overcome with struggles, home schooling or any losses. The sun will shine again soon and daffodils will bloom.

The vaccine is being rolled out successfully in the UK (at least we can be proud of one thing!), and hopefully lots of residents have started to benefit from the protection that it can offer. More information about the vaccine, dispelling 'fake news' against it can be found here.

Our lovely estate manager Celestine and the local police have provided some information about how to report low level crime in the area. This is important for us all on Lockner so that our policing teams know where to focus their attention to best help us, and make Lockner as safe and pleasant as we would all like it to be.

Often people do not report low level crimes, but it is always important to report it. One of the best ways to report these types of crimes is on the Police website, as it creates a data map of similar crimes in the area. This then builds a picture of hotspots of a particular crime, which then allows our Local Police (SNT) to do some direct policing in that area and raise public awareness by leafleting homes/businesses and through Social media channels. Always Report!

Please find attached two ‘Step-by-Step’ guides on how and where to report Crime.

1. ‘How to report Crime Online Guide’:

Takes you through how to report crime online via the MET website. This is a good way to report low priority crime that is unlikely to be fully investigated. Like: vehicle broken windows, tyre slashing, Bike theft, Drug drop/pick-up from bikes or cars, low level ASB etc.

2. ‘Guide for Various Channel Crime Reporting’:

This is an excellent guide to reporting crime, gaining advice and information in a range of ways, including what Social media channels are information only and ones where you can report certain crimes.

Don’t just grumble report it!

How to report Crime Online Guide
Download PDF • 715KB

Guide for Various Channel Crime Report
Download • 2.28MB

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