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New Homes on Lockner - Update II

For those of you who may not have been following - the council have proposed the site of the garages on Blandford Court as a potential place to build new homes. They held a consultation on Lockner back in July that many people attended.

For more background on this please look back over previous posts.

We received a further update from Hackney Council about this this week, following their consultation. They have "identified that Blandford Court garage site has great potential for new housing and wider improvements in the local area" and are talking about timescales and design. I will paste their communication below.

This has potential to have a really big impact on Lockner and to us all.

We are hoping to have our AGM on Wednesday 1st March to re-register the Residents Association. Once this is out of the way we can resume normal TRA activities and meetings - and this will be a headline topic. I would suggest once the AGM is out of the way we have a community meeting to see how residents feel about this before arranging a separate meeting with Hackney Regeneration team to discuss further.

We have fought successfully against schemes of this scale in the past, so if the community feeling is against this plan, I am sure we can do so again. We will also be linking up with other estates in the same situation to see how they are feeling and managing things.

Please pencil in Wednesday 1st March 7-8pm for the AGM so we can be sure to have a formed and functioning association to represent us and our views as this unfolds further.

Email from the Regeneration team pasted below.

Link to their engagement and consultation report here.

----------------------------- Dear Lockner Estate TRA members, I hope this email finds you well. I am writing from Hackney's Regeneration team with an update on the Blandford Court garage site. You will recall we hosted a public consultation event on the estate in July 2022. This was part of a series of events across 15 separate sites that were being considered for inclusion in the new Council house-building programme. The feedback received during the consultation has now been analysed and included in our report to Cabinet, in which we made recommendations on which sites to take forward for further consideration. I have attached the link to the consultation and engagement report that summarises all feedback to this email. The reports we submitted to Cabinet at the end of last year identified that Blandford Court garage site has great potential for new housing and wider improvements in the local area. The Mayor has recently committed that 75% of homes in this New Homes Programme shall be Council homes for social rent. We would like to work with TRA members and residents on the design development of any future plans. We would like to attend a TRA meeting over the next few months, to update you on the next steps and timescales for the project. If this would be of interest to you, please let us know the dates of these meetings. Please note that I will be on annual leave next week, so please respond to all so that my colleagues can respond in my absence. Kind regards,

Michelle Pearce Senior Development Officer Economy, Regeneration and New Homes Climate, Homes and Economy Directorate 1 Hillman Street, E8 1DY Tel: 020 8356 2971

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