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New Homes on Lockner? Update.

We did a quick poll amongst residents on the Lockner Whatsap group with a google form and found that 100% of those who answered were against this idea and provided plenty of feedback and views on the plans. I will paste the responses below.

We have forwarded these along with additional emails we received with similar views and concerns to the council development officers who are leading this consultation; Michelle Pearce, Christopher Carthy and Jake Arnfield.

We have also be in touch with our recently elected councillor Joe Walker, who is supportive and assures us he will champion a comprehensive consultation.

So this is a reminder - and a plea - for people to attend the meeting if they can, please.

It’s on Thursday 21st July at 4pm to 7pm, meet outside the community flat 23 Blandford Court.

That is this Thursday.

If you are not able to make it then please send feedback via the residents association by email to and we will be sure to pass it on for you.

Responses/views expressed so far:

I am writing to express my concerns about the possible location of the garages along Blandford court as potential site for new homes.

First of all the garages are a resource for local residents, reducing these facilities will be very unpopular with residents. Garages and pram sheds are very useful for families in the estate and we need more provisions for those not a reduction.

Secondly the site is so close to a noisy and polluted road that I believe the quality of the new home will be very poor and there is no design that could help to improve the quality of life inside the building. The pollution and noise can be heard even from Hertford road so I can't imagine what it would be to live so close to the A10.

People living on Blandford court will be impacted by a reduction of light and privacy. On Hertford road we benefit from the vicinity of De Beauvoir square it would be good to think of introducing some sort of green between Blandford court and Kingsland rd instead of more concrete. Security is also an issue, considering the shape of the site it is inevitable to create narrow lanes between Blandford and the new building that are heaven for opportunistics. We have examples in the area with crimes happening every evening.

The garage facilities are old and not in very good condition. The big wall facing Kingsland rd is ugly and maybe rethinking the architecture is not a bad idea but it would be great to think of the community and the environment first and not to squash as many people as possible in an area without thinking of the quality of their life. To conclude I am against this proposal and I hope a better site can be found to accommodate new homes.

Estate needs more work for existing residents before existing in more homes: - drains - lighting - general safety and amount of drug dens - safety of a less open area would be unpleasant

Would block light etc of existing residents. Adding to sound pollution, overcrowding and pressure on sewage system

For the reasons above. It would have a huge impact on Blandford residents in particular. Adding a long thin block in front would completely hem in the residents. I really strongly oppose the idea.

It will block views from Balcony on Blandford and make people feel caged in. It would mean a narrow space between Bland ford court and the new homes - which is not in keeping with Lockner, which is beautiful and spaced out. We would loose parking - which I use. It would perpetuate ASB (which is already a problem on Blandford Stairwells). It would not be a nice location to live in (right onto the Kingsland road). There are more suitable sites nearby - the old school site on Downham road/De Beauvoir estate and triangular land between Enfield Road and Kingsland road earmarked as a super hostel to be built/run by the private sector.

It's an already high density state with loads of problematic neighbours, even dangerous. It would increase the tension that is already. The focus should be in improving security, renew facilities and clean properly.

I have blocked drains regularly the drains and pipes are inadequate for the amount of people living here. To narrow the area by the garages is disastrous for the people living there. Entering or leaving their homes will be very scary for the elderly living there. It will increase the amount of drug dealers hanging around which we have a problem with already. The lighting on the estate is old and has badly needed updating for ages. If parking is still allowed in that area it’s going to close that area down even more, if parking is not being allowed where can people park?

More ASB, Drug use, it will feel like being in prison with another block so close to the blocks that look onto kingsland Road. No daylight to existing block.

It would infringe on residents of Blandford court and further escalate antisocial problems that already exist on the estate. I believe there is also subsidence issues on the estate which a Hackney surveyor informed me off so can’t see additional construction would help blocks already affected.

No I could not support this for a number of reasons: 1) it will make Blandford Court residents feel trapped (some of the flats have no outside space at all and the only space people have is outside their front door). This would be completely overlooked by any building on the garage site. 2) the garages house a number of cars - a lot of residents use the garages and there wouldn’t be enough space until he current car park. 3) what would happen to the car park and access area? There doesn’t seem to be enough space for property? 4) there is already a proposed hostel being built just down the road. This would mean two large develops being built at a similar time - it would mean local residents will be surrounding by construction. 5) if the mentioned hostel isn’t being built then that would be a better site for housing. 6) we already have anti social/drug problems on Lockner. Adding more property would make me personally feel a lot more unsafe and just add to the issues we have It would infringe on residents of Blandford court and further escalate antisocial problems that already exist on the estate.

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