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Consultation on Community Flat & Blandford Garages has begun!

The TRA is carrying out consultation with tenants & residents of Lockner about two important issues:

  1. Loss of the Community Flat as a community space

  2. Proposed development of Blandford Garages

The Council is proposing both of these spaces can be used to provide / build new homes. To date the Council has done no consultation with residents on the Community Flat. In relation to Blandford Garages, the Council undertook limited consultation on the idea of building in this location in 2022, gathering only 22 responses from residents. The TRA feels that both issues are very important to the community and have begun consultation with with door-knocking at Blandford Court today. We will continue this across the estate over the next few weeks, however if you want to review the questionnaire or complete

it yourself, it is available here:

If you have any issues accessing the questionnaire, please email us at

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