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Christmas on Lockner

Christmas came a little early on Lockner last night, and just in the nick of time before Tier 4 hit us all at midnight.

Carol's from musicians from Cuppa Concerts flowed through windows and doors of our homes. Isolated, shielding and elderly residents enjoyed this event from the safety of their front doors and windows. Families gathered at a safe distance to join in with Carol singing and snatch a taste of Christmas Cheer. Musicians moved around Lockner for 2-hours to ensure everyone benefited from festivities and it was heartwarming to see people on doorsteps and at their windows singing along.

Meanwhile Lockner Santa delivered Christmas gifts to FORTY-TWO of Lockner's precious children, bringing smiles to many little faces.

It has been a tough year for many, but there was a ray of Christmas light over Lockner last night, a reminder to us all about the importance of community, and how lucky we are to be part of one on the Lockner Estate.

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